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We strive to make sure that the service we deliver is more than
a complete high-quality service, rather an innovative solution
that can reassure return on investment for our clients and ourselves.

Brand Identity
Visual Marketing
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Why us?
Our Skills & works
We deliver the most intuitive designs to cover your ambitious needs and further sets you apart from the rest.
Well-Built brand identity will effectively communicate it’s value to potential customers.
We illustrate life into your designs, with every pixel; our responsive layouts always aim to focus on ease of use.
Engage and connect with your audience with a well presented impressionable design that will leave a good impression.
Web Design
Web Design

Web Design

Cover Art
Cover Art

Cover Design



Logo Design
Logo Design

Logo Design



Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics


First, we identify your audiences, analyze your brand, assess your competition, and refine your market position.

Learn about the customers you want to attract, and what makes your company unique. Get to know your business inside and out.

At the end of our discussions, we produce a strategic summary that defines the scope of your project.


Once we have defined your challenges and objectives, we begin the exploration of visual concepts with a personality and style that support your brand.

We make sure the designs are on-target in terms of your audiences and your marketing goals.

We then discuss the choices with you, to determine which will meet your objectives with the most impact, and then refine the creative work.


In the final phase of the process, we establish a suitable marketing piece to launch your design theme across all appropriate media.

The visual concept may be applied to your website, email, web banners, advertising, and more. We also plan for refinement and maintenance of all of the pieces to ensure that your integrated campaign is a success.

Our Services
Web Design
Responsive web designs, that is desktop and mobile-ready. Innovative concepts with ease of use.
ID Branding
We deliver the most intuitive packages to cover your ambitious needs and further sets you apart from the rest.
Bring your ideas to life with animated ads, gifs, storyboards, motion graphics and explainer videos.

About Me

Hey! My name Bendick Prien, and I have over 9 years of experience in web design, graphic design, branding, and animation. Creating new designs brings forth a sense of adventure creatively for me, I love exploring new possible ways to express ideas.

I’ve been illustrating since grade school, besides illustration I’ve always experimented with other forms of art, after high school, I went to straight MassArt where I studied animation production and graphic design; I didn’t like the pace of the curriculum(s) so I dropped out to further my studies at my own pace.

In the pursuit of mastering my craft, I took customer service jobs to understand how to provide excellent service to my clients. I feel that field experience trump any textbook examples, I also pride myself provided excellent service to my clients. As well as come to strategic solutions in the design and implementation of web applications.

I’m hard working and detail oriented, I would bring to any position first-rate communication skills, the ability to identify and resolve problems effectively and strategically, as well as a commitment to excellence.

I know I would be an excellent addition to your organization with my extensive customer service, Strong attention to detail, dedication to my job and its clients, and determination to bring about the best of my abilities. I strive to provide an excellent service experience for our clients’ potential clients.

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