Identity Branding

What We Do

If you want to attract attention to your brand, the answer’s a no-brainer. Branding is perhaps the most overlooked vehicle of advertising for local, owner-operated businesses. Yes, every retailer needs one. Every dentist, lawyer, accountant, and ministry needs one. Every café, restaurant, coffee shop and nightclub needs one.

Delightfully Simplistic

If you’re a business in need of a brand, look no further. It’s simply designed for you and can be as simple or elegant as you want it to be.

Top Customer Support

We truly care about our clients and an end product which is why our clients Appreciate our devotion! You will too with our friendly customer support.

Ecstatic Design

We have so many different options and designs. We are able to make remarkably refreshing designs to fit any business niche. It doesn’t get better than this.


We believe creativity trumps all in importance. Success in all forms (including profit!) is sourced from pure creativity. That’s why our mission and our promise is to always tap into the depths of our authentic creative power in everything we create for you. We believe that the more unique, original and innovative we are, the more successful ourselves and our clients can be.


You can trust that we’ll never rush through a project. All our work goes through a rigorous creative process to ensure we produce the highest quality material possible.


We’ll take everything you tell us about your brand and your vision, and use that to maximize your awesomeness and create exactly what you need. We value effective communication with our customers and are determined to have crystal clear understanding of what you expect from us.


We won’t forget about you after we’ve provided you with our services, and we hope you won’t forget about us either. We want to maintain a relationship with you, continue to serve you however we can, and admire the growth of your business over time.

Our work process

We have a step by step process regarding the process of and progression of your project; we never rush rather we focus on descriptive discussions towards you getting exactly what you envisioned.

planning & strategy

First, we identify your audiences, analyze your brand, assess your competition, and refine your market position.

design & develop

Once we have defined your challenges and objectives, we begin the exploration of visual concepts with a personality and style that support your brand.

test & deliver

In the final phase of the process, we establish a suitable marketing piece to launch your design theme across all appropriate media.

Tips For An outstanding Website

Our aim is to help you increase the success of return of interest for your website! If you have a specific question or there is a topic you don’t find here that you would like covered, contact us!

Choosing your domain name needs to be easy to say, simple to spell, effortless to type. Also try to match your domain name to your brand, choose one that doesn’t need explanation. Furthermore, you can either focus on the brand or keyword; it all depends on your strategy.

Meta Tags are the beginning of what a search engine looks for. The Title & Description Tag is by far the most important. Basically, Meta Tags are SHORT, BRIEF keyword phrases & a paragraph about your business, that describes you uniquely. Upon building your site, we recommend a list of 10-15 keyword phrases that describe your brand and a short description.

Your website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. All your content should be in a legible font. Your website content should focus on the brand, products, and services instead of random filler information that does not correlate with the brand, or bring more value; also there needs to be balanced with content and graphics. Keep the content focused, concise and straight to the point furthermore too much information doesn’t translate to better content.

An outdated website is very unappealing and can sometimes cause visitors to leave; either due to bugs, outdated content, glitchy design, and more.  Visitors often can tell on the quality of business they’re expecting due to the appearance of your website. When I am on a site and I see a footer that has a “copyright 2009”, it makes me think… is this site still operational and do I really want to spend my hard earned money here? Having up to date information on your site is validating & good practice.

SEO is critical in website design, it’s a way that your website ranks in search engines so people can find your site. Search engines weigh the information on your site and rank your site so viewers can find information that is useful.

For instance, keywords in your content should be highlighted by putting them in bold or italic. This is how search engines know which words are more important then others. Bold keywords are more important then italic ones, also for visitors it is more obvious which words are important.

Branding Option Prices

Identity Rebranding
Relevant Redesign Optimization
Web Redesign (6 pages)
Logo Redesign (1x)
Social Redesign (3x)
Design Revisions
Video Tutorials
Startup Branding
Web, Logo & Social
Web Design (8 pages)
Logo Design (1x)
Social Designs (3x)
Design Revisions
Mobile Responsive
Video Tutorials

Synergy Branding
Web / Social /Emailing listing / Promos
Web Design (8 pages)
Logo Design (1x)
Social Designs (5x)
Design Revisions
Business Card / Flyer
Intro Video (1x)
Animated Gif ADS (3x)
Custom Email list Designs (3x)
Video Tutorials

Additional Addons

Additional Pages
Products & Info Pages
Rich Search Engine Snippets & Google Product Feed
Advance SEO
Full In-dept Site-wide SEO
Additional Information Pages, Products, and Other Content Pages
Site Maintenance
Monthly Upkeep
Update Theme, Plugins, Fix Reported Errors and Bugs
WP Webinar
WP Internal Webinar
Live and Automated webinars within your WordPress website

Important Information

You must have a domain & host before we begin.
The first step to take when thinking about building a new website for your business is to register a domain name & then set up hosting.
For your convenience here are some hosting companies that you can use.